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Welcome to Fantasy Book Dragons!

Where There's No Such Thing as Too Many Books

What is a book dragon?

Are you a book lover? Is your To Be Read List big enough for an immortal to balk at, yet you still keep buying books? Congratulations, YOU are a book dragon! And if you are a fantasy book dragon, this site is probably going to make your book buying or book writing addiction even worse. 

How? Free promotions, a database of fantasy authors and books that keeps growing, and connecting readers and authors together to help build readerships, find advanced review copies, and join beta reader teams. 

And no, despite the title of the website, you don't actually have to be a fan of dragon fantasy to be a part of this site. All genres of fantasy are at home here. 



1. A person who is not just a bookworm, but consumes(reads) books so vigorously like their lives depends on it. (

2. A person who collects more books than they could possibly read in their lifetime into their physical or digital To Be Read dragons den and still continues to collect more.

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