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World Building Can Be A Beast

But these resources can help you along the way! You'll find tools and resources below based on your needs to build your fantasy series. Be sure to check back for updates or drop me a line with any suggestions we should add to the lists.

*Please note that any AI tools listed are meant to be tools to assist and not to write your book for you.

Map Making

Is it really a fantasy book if there's no map in the front matter?

Absolutely, but some fantasy authors might want one, and if your artistic talents are limited to stick figures, these tools are a great place to start.


Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator

Story Bibles

For the love of the gods, create one. If you are a pantser, it is especially imperative.*

*says someone who wrote a whole series and THEN created the story bible

If you are more digital than analog, then here are some great tools, articles, and tips to get you started on your story bible. 

World Anvil



Character Creation

What's in a name? A lot, if you ask authors. Naming characters can be a sticking point for authors starting off on their fantasy journey, so here are a just a few of the sites and tools that can help you along the way.

Reedsy Character Name Generator

Fantasy Name Generator

Baby (by Name, Meaning, Origin, Syllables)

Who are they really? Do they have any other body parts besides their eyebrows to show surprise? If you are looking to spruce up your character actions or traits, check out these resources below.

Character Trait Lists:
Fiction Writers Mentor

Writers Write

Chomping at the Lit

Character Building:

Writers Helping Writers - Tons of great articles

One Stop for Writers - Character Builder Tool

The Novel Factory - Character Questionnaire 

Physical Features:

Bryn Donovan's Master List - Extensive List of Descriptions

One Stop For Writers - Physical Feature Thesaurus

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